Team building on Sailing boats

  • Team building on Sailing boats
  • Team building on Sailing boats
  • Team building on Sailing boats
  • Team building on Sailing boats

We believe there is no better way to sail for friendship and team building. You and your team can create eternal relationships and discover new leadership skills through boat activities with the help of professional sailors. Knowing your associates and employees is primarily about recognizing their individual competences to better develop them in team work. Sailing naturally evolves the cohesion group, creating a strong link and a strong team that is united by shared experience in an adventurous adventure. Success requires a successful team-based interaction Sailing facilitates strategic planning and improves problem solving and crisis management skillsThe time shift at sea, similar to changes in the workplace, requires smart and timely reactions.

TEAM BUILDING - a stimulating alternative that enhances teamwork, motivation and respect among participants, team spirit, compliance and mutual trust. Sailing activities take on everything deep within themselves; it creates expectations, obliges people to know and encourage learning. It offers everyone an important stake, seeks a high sense of responsibility, is thoroughly involved and brings concrete and measurable results. In forced companionship during vacation, where everyone is outside of their own "comfort zone", sailing activity connects all participants, allows deep reflection on group dynamics, leadership, roles within each team, team management strategies, and ability to be teammates. A tightly connected team is not formed automatically because some people are on the same boat.

Formation is a step-by-step training, learning and practice, a sailing experience that makes it possible to create a real team and a team in a short period of time. Friendship is becoming increasingly popular, given that the stay on board is even more powerful by connecting colleagues, creating a sense of belonging to the company as well as mutual trust. It can be organized in a simpler way, without any harder tasks, under the guidance of an experienced skipper, which will give participants complete relaxation and enjoyment of the sea, wind and all the charms of sailing, or more demanding, with active involvement in sailing, organizing regatta competitions and more to contribute to the "creation of a team". For a day or for those looking for new challenges, day-long sailing, in ideal conditions, in a beautiful marine environment, is always an attractive and memorable experience that nobody leaves indifferent. The program can be fully adapted to the wishes and needs of the company, besides the sporting activities, to enhance and add other content.

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